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Compliance at Koenig & Bauer


Our Compliance Management System ensures compliance with and implementation of the Code of Business Conduct

As a global company, we are committed to comply with all applicable laws and respecting the laws of all countries in which we operate.

The Compliance Management System established by the Executive Board has created the framework for ensuring that our business practices meet high standards of compliance and integrity. It serves to prevent legal violations through prevention, e.g. by way of training the employees, policies and guidelines, processes and controls, as well as through monitoring of business activities.

The ongoing adaptation of the Compliance Management System based on a permanent analysis of potential compliance risks ensures that business conduct in accordance with the rules and with integrity is also guaranteed for the future.

Zero Tolerance

Koenig & Bauer is unreservedly committed to full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Corruption and cartel agreements are under no circumstances permissible means of securing an order. We prefer to go without an order and waive the achievement of internal objectives rather than violate laws and regulations.

The Code of Business Conduct serves as a guide for Koenig & Bauer employees in their interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers or business partners and is to be observed and compiled by all Koenig & Bauer Group companies in and outside Germany.  It also applies for the Group's establishments and branches and for third parties working for us, such as sales representatives, distribution partners and consultants.

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We make no compromises when selecting our business partners

The companies of the Koenig & Bauer Group may employ the assistance of external third parties not belonging to Koenig & Bauer for the distribution and servicing of their products, such as sales representatives, sales agents (brokers), authorized dealers, consultants or lobbyists as well as other service providers.

Business partners are regularly informed in an appropriate manner about the Koenig & Bauer Group's compliance rules and made aware of the consequences of any violation thereof.

Business with third parties may only take place on the basis of a written contract. This contains the general compliance and special clause on the prohibition of corruption, the possibility of termination in the event of compliance violations, and the third party’s acceptance of the Code of Business Conduct as well as the policy on the prevention of corruption.

We expect our suppliers to respect our compliance principles

Koenig & Bauer expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as international and industry standards. The suppliers shall in any event acknowledge the following principles and, upon request, provide information on their compliance therewith:

  •      Human rights and prevention of child labour
  •      Business integrity
  •      Health and safety
  •      Sustainability

Our suppliers are also obliged to pass on the principles to their contractual partners, in particular to the members of their upstream supply and production chain.

Collective Action & Promoting projects to improve the compliance culture

In certain areas, corporate compliance may also be fostered by industry-wide initiatives and measures extending beyond the company. Koenig & Bauer considers the supporting of national or international ethics initiatives, within the framework of applicable law, particularly competition law, to be an important contribution towards ensuring fair competition and compliance with the law and regulations by companies.

With the fund created by Koenig & Bauer and equipped with CHF 5 million, specific projects in the area of collective actions are supported. A main focus is the creation of transparency about initiatives and the promotion of so-called integrity pacts.

Whistleblower system

The compliance system is supplemented by a whistleblowing system, which is available to our employees worldwide in the form of a whistleblowing app. This app fully safeguards the confidentiality and anonymity of the whistleblower and ensures comprehensive follow-up of the facts. A guideline issued by the management board specifically regulates processes and responsibilities for internal investigations. Business partners and third parties also have the opportunity at any time to report irregular behavior by companies of the Koenig & Bauer Group or their business partners to the Koenig & Bauer Compliance Team. Please use the contact channels provided below for this purpose. The internal guideline also applies to the clarification of the facts of such notices.

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