Free printer driver for Windows applications

An easy solution to simplify everyday tasks

With the free printer driver KBA-Metronic-Basic you can send a text layout from any Windows application directly to an alphaJET or betaJET coding system via network and print it immediately.

In no time at all, any Windows® -based label printing software is thus compatible with KBA Metronic ink jet coding and printing systems.

The printer driver automatically detects what type of printing system is connected. The configuration settings are then queried (print image height, resolution) in order to calculate the maximum print area for the specific system. Full-color templates are automatically optimized and converted to a printable monochrome image by a configurable color matching algorithm.

A separate driver can and should be installed for every print system found in the network. Different print jobs are sent to print systems on the production lines in the usual manner by selecting the printer in the familiar Windows® selection window.

This integration in familiar workflows simplifies everyday tasks enormously.

In order to benefit from the advantages of this free printer driver, please load it down after login from customer Portal.

code-M monitor with upgraded features

Are your production requirements so complex that the free printer driver KBA-Metronic-Basic cannot cover all of the production requirements? For these cases we offer the software suite code-M and the module code-M monitor with an integrated printer driver with upgraded features, e.g. line management and a cropping window for incompatible templates.

Both the code-M monitor software and all of the other tools in the code-M software suite can be downloaded as free trial versions from the Login page (German site: Kundenbereich) of the KBA-Metronic website at Trial versions can be used for up to 30 days and allow you to test all of the functions of the software without any restrictions.