KBA-Metronic to Interpack 2017


Countering the general trend to make everything more flexible, more individual and more modular, at the Interpack trade fair KBA-Metronic presented a hardware duo comprising the ink jet printer alphaJET mondo and a camera system.

Marking and monitoring in a single work step

With quality and performance coming as standard even on entry-level models, KBA-Metronic offers the combination of the tried-and-tested ink jet printer alphaJET mondo, a directly connected camera from image processing specialist Baumer and the software module code-M camera. This is a flexible package, but as far as possible everything comes ready-designed as a standard solution, finally putting reliable presence monitoring and monitoring of product markings with codes, digits or characters in an affordable price bracket.

Safety and reliability

As a particular benefit for the packaging industry, but also for production scenarios with an increased risk of fire hazards, for example due to dust explosions, alphaJET mondo also offers the ability to use non-flammable ink. This ink uses no volatile organic compounds at all and therefore cannot be ignited. As a result, the printer and the ink it uses represent no fire risk or potential fire load whatsoever.

Precise and tried-and-tested

All continuous inkjet printers in the alphaJET series are compact, precise, effective and, at the same time, straightforward to use. They meet even the highest requirements in terms of the print quality of typefaces and graphics. Reliability is the standard. This prevents failures and saves money, and explains why these printers are so popular, particularly in the packaging industry.

Code-M is easy to use

Almost all the labeling systems from KBA-Metronic support the software code-M. It goes without saying that this software plays a pivotal role in the days of Industry 4.0 and integrated networking. With code-M, KBA-Metronic offers a modular software suite that can be individually configured to suit the specific requirements on-site. With its individual modules, it offers a solution to the market that can meet an incredibly wide range of challenges and requirements. The central management via PC, a clear user interface and simple drag-and-drop functionality enable fast and safe working and prevent input errors.

At Interpack 2017, visitors had the opportunity to have all the labeling solutions from KBA-Metronic explained in detail, along with all the possibilities they offer. Free test versions of the code-M software for use in your company can be downloaded from our portal.