Continuous-Inkjet-SystemealphaJET 5 HS-M

alphaJET 5 HS-M for best printing results with a wide variety of inks including numerous special inks. Integrate the alphaJET 5 into your production process for reliable product marking.

Industrial coding & marking that adapts to your requirement.


Line speed max.: 700 m/min

Line speed at 2.5 mm character width: 390 m/min

Max. lines: 5

Print head with Smart Start Technology

nozzle: 62 μm

automatic nozzle rinsing

Active Ink Flow

supply hose: 4 m / 6 m

quick exchange







Camera interface

code-M Software

Special software


Printer standard:

  • Stainless steel housing & print head in protection class IP 65
  • Smart Start Technology
  • RE-SOLVE Ultra
  • International system compatibility
  • Safety during ink change

Dimensions (H x W x L; mm)

Housing: 592 x 320 x 320, 23 kg

Print head: 190 x 47 x 40, 2 kg

Ink variety

With the alphaJET 5 HS-M, you have access to the wide range of inks in our portfolio. Mark your products with high-contrast, colour or special inks, always reliably and with precision. Thanks to integrated Active Inkflow and Smart Start Technology, this inkjet effortlessly processes a wide range of special inks from the Koenig & Bauer coding ink portfolio.

For industrial marking and coding of complex materials or production processes, we recommend the alphaJET 5 HS-M.

Lowest consumption

Absolutely lowest consumption on the market.

You profit in four ways:

  • less consumables saves costs
  • infrequent refilling saves time
  • The slightest odour nuisance motivates employees
  • Less consumption benefits the environment


Simple integration of the alphaJET 5 into production lines and networks.

Regardless of whether you need a camera connection, database access or other requirements - with interface compatibility and suitable software, you are well equipped for the future with the alphaJET 5.

Production availability

The high availability in production confirms, among other things, the extremely long pump running time and reduced maintenance requirements of an alphaJET 5 even in dusty or damp working environments.

Ensure maximum availability for a smooth production process.

Smart Start Technology

The new Smart Start Technology also optimizes the alphaJET 5 in terms of

  • improved starting behaviour
  • reduced cleaning effort
  • consistent print quality

The print head is small, robust with IP 65 and can be installed flexibly.
Increase the availability of your marking system to a maximum.


You get from us

  • competent service both on-site and remote;
  • support with many years of experience in project planning and implementation of special applications and
  • a wide range of attractive service and financing models.

Technische Daten
Line speed max. 700 m/min
Line speed at 2,5 mm character width 390 m/min
Max. lines 5
Active Ink Flow
Supply hose length 4 m / 6 m
Standard ink
High-contrast ink
Special ink
Touchscreen 10,4"
Camera interface
code-M Software
Special software
Protection class IP 65
Smart Start Technology
Dimensions housing (H x W x L; mm) 592 x 320 x 320, 23 kg
Dimensions print head (H x W x L; mm) 190 x 47 x 40, 2 kg
Interfaces Network(TCP/IP)
RS 232
USB (file-management)
Digital I/O port
Potential-free programmable alarm relay
4-colour signal beacon (option)
Operation Touch screen
User-friendly graphical user interface
Adjustable user rights
Modular software code-M
Windows printer driver
Text composition Product counter (with auto-stop function), time functions
Global Counter (for all print texts)
DataMatrix, QR code, barcodes, DotCode
Characters and logos (BMP-format)
Data fields (can be filled via an interface)
Prompted fields (input prompt)
True Type Fonts (international language and character sets)
Product attributes Protection class IP 65 (dust-tight and protection against splashed water
Smart Start Technology
RE-SOLVE Ultra (solvent recovery)
Connection values Mains voltage (AC) 86 - 264 V, ± 10 %
max. power consumption 0.5 A / 230 V; 1 A / 110 V

Technische Änderungen vorbehalten.

5 good reasons to choose alphaJET 5

  1. Due to the low consumption in combination with affordable prices you can save money.

  2. Highest production reliability. Machine uptime of more than 99 %.

  3. Easy integration and high-speed printing increase your productivity.

  4. The extensive ink portfolio allows you to react flexibly to customer wishes.

  5. A worldwide competent sales and service team supports you at any time.


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