Making sure that Industry 4.0 works perfectly

The revolution is in full flow - its name: Industry 4.0. At this year's FachPack trade fair, labeling specialist KBA-Metronic will be presenting systems that are designed to meet all of the requirements of digital networking. In the age of smart factories, state-of-the-art labeling technology plays an important role, with the demands in terms of quality and performance ever increasing. Clearly identifiable and accurate coding of products is an absolute pre-requisite for automated processes - from detection in packaging lines to traceability in logistics and retail. The increasing demand for individualization also demands correspondingly capable and flexible labeling systems.

Central control, decentralized access

If the labeling technology is integrated in the company network, it can be accessed by different departments who can then use it to carry out required actions. For example, Work Preparation can implement layout adjustments quickly and easily, while Marketing is able to quickly implement promotion codes. The risk of transmission errors is avoided thanks to centralized administration and monitoring. By intelligently incorporating the labeling devices into modern production control systems, it is thus possible to develop value-added qualities.

Intelligent technology in compact packaging

Years ago, KBA-Metronic - a medium-sized company from the Franconian town of Veitshöchheim in Germany - already started to focus on flexible integration both online and offline, with modular concepts and intelligent interfaces. Here, we take our cues from the needs of day-to-day working processes. Since our company combines full competence from development to production and aftersales service under our own roof, customer requests only have to cover a short distance from sales to development. Our product portfolio with thermal ink jet, ink jet and laser marking units as well as combined units reflects a wide range of market requirements. Despite their capabilities, all of these units are compact and easy to operate, which has helped them to establish themselves all around the world in a wide range of different industries - from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or F&B to large industrial packaging.

The FachPack trade fair is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the revolutionary possibilities for integrating a wide range of different labeling devices - and to take advantage of the opportunity to add not only technical networking but also some personal networking in the process.