Laser systemsF-9020D Mopa

Industrial fiber laser for high-precision 2D and 3D coding & marking of metal, plastic, foil and flexible packaging.

MOPA technology allows the user to control and select the shape and duration of the waveform to optimize the conditions for high precision marking and micro-processing applications - shorter pulse widths are ideal for marking delicate substrates such as plastics or thin materials.

The key to high precision marking applications is precise thermal management with 8 selectable and programmable pulse groups.  The F MOPA laser is the perfect tool for sophisticated, high-quality solutions.


50 W


1064 nm

Beam path


Protection class

IP 22


  • 55x55 mm
  • 100x100 mm
  • 168x168 mm
  • 212x212 mm
  • 242x242 mm
  • 560x560 mm

Speed (1-line)

500 m/min


Maximum power in minimum space - F-9000 laser systems are extremely compact and easy to integrate even where space is limited.


Whether the simple integration into existing networks or the connection to enterprise resource planning systems, laser F-9000 offer a maximum of flexibility and application possibilities.

Coding & Marking

F-9000 laser for permanent Marking with high contrast


Even if the graphics are complex, the areas are large or the speed is very high


Ultra-low required maintenance with minimal running costs - that pays off!

Technische Daten
Performance 50 W
Connection values 115 V / 230 V ; 50 Hz / 60 Hz ; 600 VA
Dimension (A x B x C)
  • Kopf: 115 x 98 x 463 mm;
  • control unit: 464 x 177 x 550 mm
Shutter electromechanical
Beam path 90°
Pulse duration 4, 8, 14, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 ns
Pulse performance N/A
Pulse energy N/A
Frequency 1,6 – 1000 kHz
Wavelength 1064 nm
Weight 23 kg
Protection class IP 22
Assembly Laser, pilot laser, scanner and scanner control are integrated in the laser head; control electronics and energy supply are integrated in the control unit.

Environment Temperature + 10° bis + 40° C, relative humidity max. 95 %
Cooling system Air cooling integrated
  • PC-Software
  • Pocket Terminal
  • Touch screen Terminal
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • RS 232
  • I/O
Operation system ScanLinux V5.2.7
Line speed 500 m/min
(coding speed can differ depending on size, content and material)
Lens Working space: 55x55 mm   Working distance: 128 mm   Beam diameter: 16 μm
Working space: 100x100 mm   Working distance: 205 mm   Beam diameter: 26 μm
Working space: 168x168 mm   Working distance: 347 mm   Beam diameter: 41 μm
Working space: 212x212 mm   Working distance: 458 mm   Beam diameter: 56 μm
Working space: 242x242 mm   Working distance: 554mm   Beam diameter: 68 μm
Working space: 560x560 mm   Working distance: 888,5 mm   Beam diameter: 132 μm
Pilot laser Pilot laser (only with closed EMS)
  • I/O plug DB 44
  • Signal plug photo cell I/ 3-pin M8
  •     Software Marca V5.6.9.a and higher
  •     Barcode license

Accessories Protective housing, brackets, tripod, encoder, hand scanner, fume extraction,…
(for details see data sheet accessories and extraction)

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5 good reasons to choose laser from Koenig & Bauer Coding

1. Maintenance-free technology saves money and protects the environment.

2. Excellent uptime of over 99 % provides true production reliability.

3. Easy integration and high-speed printing increase your productivity.

4. Comprehensive portfolio and long-term expertise create flexibility.

5. A competent global sales and service team supports you at all times.


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