alphaJET5 HS

Variable data print at the highest speeds

The various tasks for industrial coding require dedicated equipment, ready to satisfy the latest industrial standards. As leading Croatian manufacturer of cardboard packaging, Neograf was seeking to invest in the newest coding technology.

Neograf has turned to Koenig & Bauer Coding's representation in Croatia,
the coding expert Primark for a high-speed printing solution: print of variable data, that could keep up with the speed of a production line (400 m/min).

The solution needs to fulfil high-quality standards, technical requirements, low consumption and easy operating.

By its amazing technical specifications, the continuous inkjet (CIJ) alphaJET5 HS is an adequate printing solution whose performance will meet all of the given requirements. The alphaJET5 HS is suited for precise product coding on a wide range of substrates in many industries.

We are thankful to Neograf that has chosen Primark to be a part of this interesting project. Primark has provided a modern coding system and a long-term solution that will meet current and future requirements.

Specially designed continuous Inkjet printer alphaJET5 HS seeks to be one of the top models able to provide superb print quality with high-speed production lines up to 1,300 m/min. This CIJ printer offers new technical features such as Smart Start Technology, which allows system self-cleaning before the start of a printing process.

As well, it allows the start of the printing process from any remote location, previously connected to the system. The printer is using standard ink as well as special inks and high-contrast inks to meet more complex manufacturing requirements.

Neograf is producing 2.200.000,00 records for the print on the inside of the cardboard boxes for pharmaceutical products.

Originally, records are stored in the .txt file, without separators. To work with the alphaJET5 HS, it was needed to develop a small program that will convert records to a csv file, suitable for print. Primark's Engineering team has developed a simple solution that allows data conversion and automation of a process.

The alphaJET5 HS showed well-known reliability to ensure coding of variable data on cardboard packaging at high speeds.



The inkjet was successfully integrated into an existing production line, able to print on a variety of products, including medicines, tuna packaging etc.


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