Special package for premium tobacco leaves

with Laser marking

Creative packaging design usually identifies the product at first glance. This strengthens the brand. The very sight of luxury foods awakens the consumer's memory of the taste.

But only the high-quality content fulfills the quality expectation and confirms the product experience of the customer. The right packaging is therefore important to protect the sensitive content

The name Dannemann has stood for premium cigars and cigarillos since 1872. The new product Al Capone Leaf Wraps expands the exclusive Tobacco portfolio. Provided a little skill and dexterity, the rolling of tobacco is a very special experience for many aficionados.

Dannemann delivers with the natural tobacco wrapper a unique aroma with easy handling.

At Dannemann, the tobacco product is accompanied at all stages of production with care, experience and competence. This already begins with the selection and care of the seed and by no means ends with the harvest of the high-quality tobacco leaves.

Tobacco Leaf Wraps are natural tobacco leaves with the typical original taste, or refined with flavours.

"We place a very high value on reliability, on safety and on sustainability, at all stages of the value chain."

Laser K-1030 SP / udaFORMAXX i

The sensitive tobacco leaves are carefully packed individually by hand into the protective pouches and sealed aroma-safe. This ensures the quality at the point of sale. After all, the customer expects a perfect tobacco leaf with the selected aroma and optimum humidity for his roll.

Before the tobacco leaves are filled, the pouches (tobacco bags) are marked. In the past, this marking was applied by hand with a stamp.

In future, this task will be carried out on site by the semi-automatic udaFORMAXX Offline coding system, equipped with a CO2 marking laser for permanent marking without smudging.

"We really like the handling of this complete system. The output evensatisfies our requirements threefold and that with a permanently excellent print image due to the laser marking."

Philipp Wagner, Overseas Production Manager

01 Requirements clearly communicated

Production takes place 5 days a week in 3-shift operation. The quantitative performance requirement for a new marking solution could be quickly calculated and quantified at 140 pieces/minute.

The individual print text currently consists of 6 alphanumeric characters with a font height of 3 - 4 mm. In addition, there were qualitative requirements:

  • simple handling
  • international safety standards
  • reproducible, excellent print image
  • low-emission marking technology, preferably laser

02 Scope of services more than fulfilled

The marking should be done with a laser. Various print tests were carried out to determine which laser technology the material reacts best to and offers the best cost-benefit.
A suitable extraction system is selected for the material burn-off caused by the laser.

With original test material (pouches) the correct separation of the stand-alone solution udaFORMAXX was tested and confirmed.

The "marriage" of all components took place in our in-house application department with precisely fitting brackets.

03 Customised with standard

For the desired marking, the inexpensive variant of a CO2 laser K-1030 SP with a power of 30 watts is completely sufficient. Equipped with a 75 lens, it has a maximum working area of 75 x 75 mm.

The Fume Extractor 400I extracts directly from the laser protection housing and ensures clean air.

An udaFORMAXX i separates and transports the pouches from the magazine through the laser marking and collects the coded ones in the 1 meter long scaling belt at the end/outfeed.

The components are controlled via a 5.7" touch screen, which is conveniently attached to the system.

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