Environmentally friendly laser coding in the entry class iCON 3iCON 3

When it was launched in 2008, iCON was one of the first laser markers specifically designed for small characters. Even then, this technology was characterised by easy installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.

The first 10 W marking laser was soon followed by the 30 W model and finally by the network-compatible iCONnet in 2012. We introduced the first improved version in 2016 as iCON 2.

Today, another 5 years later, we present the new iCON 3 with further optimisations to make installation, handling and service even easier and more user-friendly. In terms of reliability and durability, it exceeds all expectations.

Benedikt Berberich

Statement of the product manager of the Laser Portfolio.

Let yourself be inspired by his enthusiasm.
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By reducing CO2 emittions, we are helping to protect our planet.

A contribution to more sustainability

Using the iCON 3 also has a positive impact on the environment, as no waste is produced and therefore no potentially harmful residual products need to be recycled.

New intuitive operation and setting

Visual sliders make it easy to adjust power, clocking, print resolution and speed.

and, together with the new step-by-step wizard, reduce laser set-up time. Operator time to configure a new system can be reduced by up to 90%. The trial-and-error system of other devices is eliminated.

New templates

Templates are pre-designed to halve the time needed for template creation.

The iCON 3 has many new templates, including barcodes, expiry dates, QR codes and Datamatrix. These can reduce the creation time of new templates by up to 50%.

Dependability and maintenance

Service and maintenance status messages ensure maximum availability.

Advanced laser technology and consumable-free operation reduce the maintenance budget to a minimum. Online video tutorials support quick and easy maintenance.

Efficiency Statistics

Get the latest information on your laser's reliability, availability and downtime.

Ready to work with integrated 4.0, the iCON 3 provides proof that a switch to laser marking is worthwhile.

Clean. Smart. Economical.

Unbeatable cost savings

Laser marking automatically results in cost savings in everyday production.

There are no costs for consumables at all, because a laser does not need any consumables. In addition, a laser is absolutely maintenance free. Maintenance costs and the related downtimes at the production line no familar words when it comes to laser marking.
Also, its energy efficiency is not to be despised. Its minimal energy consumption ensures a reduction of operating costs.

In summary: the laser has the best TCO* values compared to alternative marking technologies.
But what remains as it was? A marking with maximum print quality at highest speed, with a reliability of over 99%.

 * Total Cost of Ownership

iCON 3 - Simplify your coding

Especially with the iCON 3, we offer you an attractive entry-level model that combines all the advantages of laser marking. The cost efficiency of iCON 3 exposes one of the most common myths about lasers. It is significantly cheaper than other conventional systems.

The system is compact and easy to install. iCON 3 was developed for simple and fast assembly, even in complex production lines.

Intuitive handling is extremely important to us. Thanks to the intuitive menu navigation, operation is very easy. Step by step the employee is guided through the menu.


Download the data sheet with all technical details
as a PDF file.

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