Unique: Marking Resistant to High Temperatures up to 1,450°C

Ceramic marking with CerTraceⓇ & Inkjet

alphaJET | Marking ceramic green parts

Ceramics accompany us through the day. Be it in the washbasin mixer, in the grinder of the pepper mill, as an insulator of electrical engineering - ceramics are constantly expanding their field of application, and all over the world. 

But the design and manufacture of technical or industrial ceramics is a challenging task. Selection and testing of materials are decisive for the material properties and reliability of a ceramic. The influence of the microstructures plays a decisive role here. Only the final burning process (sintering) at the highest temperatures gives the formed raw mass (green body) the typical material properties.

Only the temperature-resistant marking of the green bodies before the burning process ensures the unambiguous traceability of ceramic components.    

Ceramic marking with CerTraceⓇ & alphaJET Inkjet




alphaJET | Ink CerTraceⓇ

WZR ceramic solutions GmbH has developed CerTraceⓇ, a unique temperature-resistant ink for up to 1,450°C.

In combination with alphaJET, precise writings, 2 D and 3 D codes on fragile green parts are possible with non-contact marking. The codes are clearly readable before and after the sintering process.


  • alphaJET Continuous Inkjet (CIJ)
    Can be integrated into production line or hand station
  • Ink / solvent CerTraceⓇ, pigmentiert / MEK  based
  • Substrate (Structural) ceramics

Coding in Practice: alphaJET Ink heat resistant