alphaJET 5 X-FP - the Specialist for Special Requirements in Coding & Marking

Koenig & Bauer Coding expands the product range of industrial inkjet printers for small characters.

  • High print speed
  • Precise marking and extremely large variety of inks
  • User-friendly interface and optimal workflow

The alphaJET 5 X-FP is available for marking requirements. With the new HMI user interface (Human Machine Interface) and a modern housing design, the alphaJET 5 X sets new standards in terms of performance, user-friendliness and connectivity. The innovative alphaJET variant 5 X-FP fits in seamlessly. Features such as Smart Start Technology, Active Ink Flow and Resolve-Ultra are also standard.



Continuous InkjetalphaJET 5 X-FP

Koenig & Bauer Coding expands the product range of industrial inkjet printers for small characters

  • User-friendly interface and optimal workflow

  • Precise marking and extremely large variety of inks

  • High print speed

  • Sustainable and cost-efficient in production operation

User-friendly interface and optimal workflow

A new feature is the intuitive operational concept with a modern user interface which allows navigation by swiping gestures, just as on a smartphone. Thanks to the high-resolution touchscreen display and the user-friendly user interface, print jobs can be set up quickly, marking processes can be monitored and operating errors avoided.

Intuitive operating concept for even more convenience

The connections on the device are compatible with the previous alphaJET models.

"We are convinced by the new operating concept. We have customised the home screen so that only the data relevant to us is displayed."

A customer from the food industry

Trendsetting design

Unique, new and modern, the new design of the alphaJET 5 X-FP immediately catches the eye.

The completely smooth design for cleaning with as little residue as possible offers no surface for dirt to accumulate - the alphaJET 5 X-FP has rounded edges and does without raised switches and control buttons.

High-quality materials such as glass and stainless steel are used for the industrial-qualified housing. Even in sensitive environments, the inkjet impresses with its design and quality.

"The design is reminiscent of a smartphone, not only visually but also in terms of operation. The inhibition threshold for text input and printer configuration is almost zero."

A field test customer

Your value

  • Increased productivity through new, "smartphone like" operating concept and Smart Start Technology

  • Significant savings potential through lowest consumption in combination with low prices for consumables

  • High print speed and maximum print height

  • Effective handling due to industrial and easy-to-clean design as well as easy networking

  • Greater availability and cost savings thanks to maximum component reliability and long maintenance intervals

Smart Start Technology - perfect start-stop performance

is the optimised combination of

  • Nozzle shutter
  • Nozzle flushing
  • Print head heating

Smart Start Technology, Active Ink Flow and extremely precise pump pressure control ensures the alphaJET 5´s perfect start-stop performance and consistent print quality. Time lost due to cleaning work when starting up the production line is completely eliminated.

You can even leave the alphaJET 5 X-FP in stand-by mode for several weeks. There is no need for intermediate start-up or extended cleaning processes when restarting the production line.

"Cool design and yet suitable for industrial use. I didn't think it would go together."

A customer from the electrical industry

Remarkable change intervals for pumps and filters  
The pump motor used is specified with a service life of 20,000 hours. In other words – with 1-shift Operation, the alphaJET 5 X-FP pump lasts longer than 11 years!

The recommended replacement intervals for the filters in the alphaJET 5 X-FP are also impressive. We recommend changing filters for non-pigmented inks after
10,000 h in single-shift operation. For pigmented inks, the filter should be changed earliest after 4,000 hours.

Less service, more production: this calculation is paying off.

alphaJET 5 X-FP and its top result in the TCO* calculation.

Re-Solve Ultra is also standard on the alphaJET 5 X-FP. The Re-Solve Ultra solvent recovery system is installed in all alphaJET systems. You get the CIJ with the lowest solvent consumption (<2 ml/h) on the market.

Combined with our prices for consumables, you achieve a perfect TCO.

But there are other factors that play an important role. Among other things, we have installed an effective cooling system, which also cools the electronics. Here applies: the lower the temperature, the lower the consumption.

Would you like to know more about the alphaJET 5 X-FP TCO calculation?
Just contact us.
*Total Cost of Ownership

A wide variety of inks and accurate printing by Koenig & Bauer Coding

  • Wide portfolio of black, white and colour inks for high-contrast, strong and bright marking
  • Variety of special inks such as: UV-readable, Thermochromic inks, Heatresistant, Fuel- and Oilresistant inks, UV LED-curing, adhesion quality, short drying times, and more
  • Eco friendly Inks

In our own ink laboratory, we also develop inks tailored to your individual requirements. 

With certainty: Your matching ink is also included!

We enable precise printing on different surfaces with the highest printing speeds!


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