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Utmost reliabilityAPL – Print & Apply

The Print & Apply technology is ideal for printing variable data and information directly and accurately applying it individually with respect to shape, colour and material onto a variety of products and packaging with pinpoint precision.

APL labelling solutions rely on the tried-and-test Zebra technology and can be modularly configured with different applicators. The Koenig & Bauer Coding portfolio offers models to meet your needs in every application to fulfil your individual coding requirements.   

Coding stands for trust

Coding is a key part of everyday business. It affects every area of our lives, and every industry. The more diverse, colourful, and comfortable our everyday lives become, the more variety there is among the products our customers and partners will print with our systems, now and in the future.

Today, good coding is evidence of quality for product safety and consumers. We are aware of this and take on this responsibility every day. After all, coding stands for trust.

Product filter

Versatile, irrespective of industry

  • FoodPrinting and applying labels just in time.

  • Cardboard boxesLabel your packaged goods with the highest quality.

  • TyresApply adhesive labels perfectly, flexibly and accurately onto your tyres.

  • PalletsLabel your pallets from two sides

  • Sensitive consumer goodsDue to the automatic product identification.

  • Building materials and woodA robust design and applicators, which simply give way in the event of a collision.

In a nutshell.

You want to adapt agilely to your production processes?
APL Print & Apply systems are modular in design. They can be adapted to changing requirements by replacing just a few components. Everything is also already prepared for automated tasks or control systems.

You want more flexibility with a sustainable Print & Apply system?
The APL-Robotman is a labelling system with a cobot applicator. This means that you are well prepared for an agile production environment. The APL-Robotman works in close proximity to your employees, applying labels to any number of areas on virtually any product (EN ISO 13849- 1:2015, Cat. 3, PL d).

You are already familiar with the advantages of automated labelling?
From a standalone solution to a connection to databases and ERP systems, you have the option of continuous integration. You will also find ready-to-use modules in our modular series for monitoring with a scanner or camera. You can select a customised user interface tailored to your requirements easily and cost-effectively.

You don't want any expensive and bulky safety housings in your production?

You do not need to operate APL labelling systems behind a safety guard or in a cage within the scope of the Machinery Directive.
The APL pallet labelling system also does not need a safety housing. This is particularly reflected in its price.

Tried-and-tested components and easy handling are important to you?
We placed an emphasis on high-quality components from international market leaders when developing the APL product range: Siemens controllers, SMC pneumatics, Zebra printers and we realise the print image automation with NiceLabel software. We pass on the advantage of low-cost components with a broad cross-section of technology to you. You will appreciate the very easy integration and maintenance.

You already enjoy complete freedom?
The APL-Robotman readily applies labels flexibly to your products, even on an alternating basis and on different lines. The system is taught-in easily at the touch of a button and is therefore ready for different sequences at all times.

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