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    Visual Service Support via an app – competent support from experts.

To avoid downtimesPerfect performance

Visual ServiceSupport via an app – competent support from experts

Visual ServiceSupport gives users and the hotline help desk a modern tool to greatly simplify communication: the user sends our technical expert images of what they can see by smartphone or
tablet. Moving images are shown in order to demonstrate processes and sequences and therefore gain a quick and comprehensive overview of the situation on the coding system. This simplifies communication,
saves on detailed descriptions and reduces the risk of misunderstanding compared to simply talking over the telephone.

Markings can also be applied to live still images to help carry out the correct functional checks or settings or take a closeup shot again of the current situation. This makes it possible to isolate malfunctions or
convey operating and setting aids visually.

Security is guaranteed at all times because the images are only transferred and shared if you have enabled this beforehand.

To start a session, the user/operator of the coding system receives an SMS or E-mail from the hotline help desk with a link.

If the Visual ServiceSupport app is not yet installed on your device, you are redirected to the App Store or Play Store for the installation. The app is available there to download free of charge.

If the app is installed, the connection is made automatically.


for the use of the Visual Service Support app:

• Android or IOS device
• Pre-installation of the Visual ServiceSupport app
• Wired headset if necessary

Advantages for you:

  • Costs savings by avoiding service calls
  • Time savings as a result of rapid immediate help
  • Reduced downtime:Technicians and spare parts are at the ready in the event of a service call
  • Unique identification of parts
Your certified partner in:
IQNET ISO 9001-2015
EN 55022:2006:2010
EN 55024:2010
EN 60950-1:2006/A1:2010
EN ISO 14121-1:2007

5 good reasons to choose Koenig & Bauer Coding Services

  1. We are happy to pass our know-how on to you so that you gain the possible benefit from your coding system.

  2. You receive rapid immediate help from experienced employees and state-of-the-art communication tools.

  3. Preventive maintenance carried out by our specialists increases your operational security.

  4. We offer you various financing models that are specifically tailored to suit your needs.

  5. A competent global service and engineering team supports you at all times.

In a nutshell.

The availability of your equipment is important to you?
Focus on your core business because the service contracts are individually tailored to suit your needs. We take care of the maintenance of your coding equipment, precisely and predictably for you. Your printer runs smoothly and reliably – absolute availability.

You want to act as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency?

Our specialists are happy to pass their knowhow on to you. We teach you in various training courses how to act as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency or carry out maintenance independently. Intensive training gives you the skills to respond quickly and to avoid unplanned downtimes.

You expect predictable costs?

We send you an offer for a framework agreement for your operating resources, spare parts or services. You therefore receive a fixed price for your calculation and always have everything available at the right time.

You have global requirements?
We offer you a competent service and engineering team worldwide. Our international organisation receives outstanding ratings in our customer surveys for its handling of globally networked applications.

You need a customised solution?

We offer everything you need from a single source. Our competent engineers have comprehensive, long-term expertise – including in specialised designs. Your individual needs are our focus, from the development to the integration in your systems.

Rent or buy?
We offer sophisticated financing solutions as an alternative to buying. Cost-effective rental concepts with or without services or pay-per-code models, including operating resources, are kind to your budget.

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