Adherent Marking On Cold PE-Tubes

Ink for CIJ with special adhesion attributes

alphaJET | Marking PE tubes and pipes

Durable marking of PE plastic is a real challenge for inkjet printers: In practice, PE tubes are pre-treated with a fire flame before marking in order to roughen the material slightly. This pre-treatment improves ink adhesion. The disadvantage of this solution is increased costs due to additional energy and time expenditure.

That is why more and more manufacturers are trying to do without flame treatment. But how can good adhesion be achieved here?


alphaJET | Ink with special adhesion

Nowadays, cold PE pipes are reliably marked with the standard PEU ink without pre-treatment with flame.

The good adhesion of the ink achieves top ratings and beats the competition by far in a direct comparison. The tubes are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO standards.

At the end of the production line, the tube material is marked with a variety of information, e.g. ISO number, manufacturer's name, outside diameter, wall thickness, class, material designation, permissible operating pressure, production location and date.


  • alphaJET Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) 62 µm
  • Ink / Solvent:
    1040.9317 Ink PEU black /  1040.9318
    1040.3587 Ink PE  white / 1040.3588
  • Substrate: PE tube / pipe



Coding in Practice: alphaJET Ink PEU