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Marking disinfectants with isopropanol-resistant ink

alphaJET | Marking PE Bottles

Polyethylene (PE) plastic is milky cloudy without being coloured and is very dimensionally stable. PE bottles are often used as packaging in the food and cosmetics industries. In comparison to crystal-clear PET bottles, which are becoming thinner and lighter, PE is more suitable for bottles that are heavily squeezed.

For the reliable and durable coding of PE bottles into which a renowned manufacturer of medical skin care products fills hand disinfectants, there are two challenges in focus:

  1. PE plastic has a low surface tension
  2. The filled contents consist of isopropanol, a cleaning solution

alphaJET | Isopropanol-resistant ink

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for disinfectant has increased rapidly. Since 2020, the isopropanol-resistant ink has been marking PE bottles with an alphaJET inkjet printer when filling disinfectants.

Even if a drop of isopropanol is spilled, the marking does not smudge.
Despite its intense black colour, the use of this ink in the alphaJET does not require a stirring device for constant mixing of the colour pigments.




  • alphaJET Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) 55 μm
    integrated in filling line
  • Ink / Solvent: 1040.4659 / 1040.3101
  • Substrate: Polyethylen (PE) Plastics

Coding in Practice: alphaJET Ink Isopropanol-resistant