Marking of Thermoformed Trays

White on Black: alphaJET5 scores with White Ink

alphaJET | Marking of open thermoformed packs

A plastic tray is not only an optimal packaging, but can also be used in many industries to assemble, store or plant products. In many cases, they are a reliable way to protect goods during transport.

In the production of the trays, cleanliness and reliability are mandatory characteristics. PVC trays for commercial horticulture are usually manufactured in black, but sometimes also in grey.


alphaJET | Ink with special adhesion

In advance, various print tests were carried out on original thermoformed parts. The best results in terms of adhesion and contrast were achieved by the alphaJET duo with white ink. The marking takes place shortly after the thermoforming process without explicit cooling time at about 20 m/min.

Setup was carried out with 2 printers per line. Attached to an axis, the print heads can be quickly changed over to other tray/container formats. A camera verifies the marking immediately after printing.




  • alphaJET Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) 62 μm
    Mounting Bracket/quick-change bracket / camera (Baumer VeriSens) + incremental encoder

  • Ink/solvent
    1040.0466 Ink IC-PVC-HFVCW white
    1040.0467 Solvent IC-PVC-HFVCW white

  • Printing material: thermoforming plastic packaging