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    Continuous inkjet alphaJET secures against theft at the construction site.

customised quickly and individually: Inkjetprinter alphaJET for cables and power lines.

The loss of material at a construction site can quickly lead to high expenses. Not only for the material, but also for the delay, which cripples a construction site for hours or even days under certain circumstances. Usually, many subsections are present at the construction site at the same time. There, it may occur that an accidental grip of a colleague, who considers the material as their own, panics.

But, if their own material is customised, then this possibility does not apply and there will not be quarrels. In case of theft, customisation also makes reselling very difficult.

Heidrich-Elektro knows what it comes down to.

Owner-operated Heidrich GmbH established more than 25 years ago is considered as a component and reliable partner in the construction and electrical industry. With fully equipped warehouses at 4 locations in Essen, Berlin, Mannheim and Munich, the company is serving its customers, worldwide.

The assortment covers general electrical and manufacturing material for electricians right up to electrical accessories and lighting technology for large construction sites. These include assembly for construction site, rubber hoses and prefinished extension cables till 125A.

Heidrich-Elektro knows what it comes down to and offers individual customisation of the extension cables as a special service - even in the smallest quantities.

"We have been using our alphaJET for more than 10 years for labelling the extension cables."

“Our service enables us to stand out distinctly against competition. The inkjet printer alphaJET allows us to supply even individual items. And in the shortest time. A true image gain for us.”

Jörg Skiba,
Managing director

The task

There are very few electrical distributors in Germany, who offer customised marking of finished extension cables. A minimum purchase quantity is usually the requirement.

Jörg Skiba looked for an option, which is suitable for the industry for small quantities, even for one unit, without great technical effort and which does not impair day-to-day business.

Always succeeds

The cable harness is easily pulled over the cable duct with integrated tachometer and cable prism directly while crosscutting the cable material (finishing station). The alphaJET inkjet printer labels the cable prism immediately.

The fine drying and adhesive properties of the standard ink MEK black makes the use of special inks redundant.

New print texts can be created easily and quickly in alphaJET. Although the ink jet printer is not permanently in the printing mode, there were still no problems in drying the ink.

More than "just" one marking

There are very few electrical distributors who offer customised marking of finished extension cables. Heidrich GmbH customers appreciate this option of allowing their logo "Property of xyz company" or abold saying "Stolen in xyz construction business" to be printed on their extension cables. This finally ends the accidental swap at the construction site.

Thefts probably cannot be avoided, but are definitely made very difficult.


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